8 June 2014

Dean Woods


Korfs vs Balls – Worldwide Match

Over the weekend 14 – 15 June 2014 there will be a Worldwide Korfball match played between two teams; the Korfs vs the Balls.

The first International Korfball Youth Day Celebration featuring a Korfs vs Balls match was held last year on the 15 June 2013, it was an amazing success. The International Korfball Federation  have now organised the second edition for 2014.

You can take part in either an organised match or just on a korfball post in your garden or down the park with a few mates – you just need a split into two teams; the Korfs and the Balls, and then submit your scores.

The scores from the Korf teams and Balls teams will be aggregated together by the IKF and displayed on a scoreboard and on an interactive map, so you’ll be able to see how your team is getting on!

More information can be found on both the IKF website and on the Facebook event: Worldwide Korfball Match: 2nd Edition!