30 August 2019

Dean Woods


England Korfball League introduces new rule for season 2019/20

The England Korfball Competition Sub Committee have announced that the Premier Division of the England Korfball League will this season trial the new rule concerning which player takes penalties.

The International Korfball Federation (IKF) had formally approached member countries requesting to experiment with the new rule. 

The new rule has been trialled previously during a number of Korfball Challenge tournaments organised by the Royal Dutch Korfball Association (KNKV)

Penalties awarded for ‘loss of a scoring chance’

The player who has lost the scoring chance is the player who takes the penalty

This can happen in two ways

  • A player is taking a shot and is fouled
  • A pass to a free player is attempted and fails because of a foul

In the first case it is obvious that the player fouled takes the penalty.

In the second case, it is the free player who has lost the scoring chance that takes the penalty.  As at present, the free player would, as part of the decision to be awarding a penalty, be indicated by the referee.

Repeat infringement penalties

The player who was fouled last is the player who takes the penalty (unless at the moment of the foul a player is losing a scoring chance the above applies)

If there is loss of a scoring chance due to a free player, it is probably not an instance where a “Repeat Infringement” penalty should be used as this could cause confusion. Referees would be advised to only give repeat infringement penalties in cases where there is no loss of a scoring chance.

Penalties due to infringements by a defender at a second free pass

The player taking the second free pass is the one who takes the penalty

Injured players

If the person taking the penalty is injured and unable to continue, then any attacker can become the person taking the penalty

In this case, the injured player needs to demonstrate the injury and being unable to continue by being substituted. The substitute or any other attacker is then allowed to take the penalty.