8 July 2015

Dean Woods


Jan Hanekroot Lifetime Achievement Award

Last weekend England Korfball chairman Craig Gosling presented the Jan Hanekroot Lifetime Achievement Award to Jackie and David Hubbard.

“The Jan Hankeroot Award is our country’s highest award, with only a handful of people including Steve Barker, Graham Crafter and most recently Sam Wells to received this prestigious award.

“A few words about the first recipient, Jackie Hubbard.

“Jackie’s passion for junior korfball is unprecedented. She has been the driving force behind so many clubs, for so many years. Firstly with Invicta and lately with Tornadoes. She has not only introduced the sport to thousands of children, but has taught them so many life values that have defined so many individuals.

“Jackie has been so influential at school, club and international level for over 20 years and will be sorely missed when she retires.

“David, less known on the field but certainly his impact was not. David has been influential in British Korfball over a lifetime. Leading the BKA committee in many roles including chairman, and treasurer. But his biggest contribution has been in driving forward the development of Korfball for numerous years.

“David has not only been active at a national Level but has supported the KKA and its clubs to become what they are today.

“I’m mostly privileged and honours to award the Jan Hankeroot Award lifetime achievement award to Jackie and David Hubbard.”

Congratulations to both Jackie and David from everyone at England Korfball.