26 October 2023

Declan Kohl


IKF Europe reformed at IKF General Meeting

During the World Championships in Taipei, the IKF have ratified the reformation of IKF Europe as a continental federation, to represent the interest of European korfball. England Korfball took part in a task force, looking at IKF Europe’s formation and to recruit an executive committee. England Korfball will be represented by Clive Dobbin, who takes a place on the Executive Committee, with roles to be decided after the group has had a chance to meet. We look forward to working with the IKF and other EU federations more closely. .


IKF Europe’s mission

• Represent the European National Organisations in the International korfball structures
• To spread and develop korfball on the European continent
• To increase the number of athletes, officials, administrators and spectators raising the standard of continental korfball
• Providing more and better customised ‘korfball experiences’ for every participant by organising information and knowledge exchange between national korfball organisations and their governmental structures

IKF Europe’s Main Goals

Play an active role by:
• Spreading the values of korfball;
• Facilitating national organisations to do so for all age target groups by creating opportunities to recruit and educate players, officials and administrators;
• Organising continental or cross-federation competitions and/or events.

Where will IKF Europe start?

To have an Executive Committee to control:
• Working groups aligned for operational support with experts from several countries;
• No more than one person from a country as member of the Executive Committee;
• More people as experts in a working group when necessary;
• A working group will be lead by a member of the Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members


Yves Daelmans (Belgium)


Carles Albà (Catalunya)
Clive Dobbin (England)
Anne Harrow (Scotland)
Henry van Meerten (Netherlands)
Iwona Zak (Poland)