23 May 2018

Hannah Stockley


You may have heard quite a lot about “GDPR” in recent months – and no doubt your email inbox is full of mailing lists asking you to subscribe again. But what is GDPR, and what does it mean for England Korfball, and korfball clubs and organisations across the country?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is an updated Data Protection law that comes into play from Friday 25th May 2018. All organisations, no matter how big or how small, will need to ensure they are GDPR compliant.

England Korfball is GDPR compliant. You can read England Korfball’s Data Protection Policy here, and read the updated Privacy Statement, which explains how we use data, here.

GDPR sets standards in terms of how data is collected and handled by organisations. Put simply, organisations, including korfball clubs, should ensure that they:

  • Only collect data which is needed for legitimate reasons, e.g. to contact members
  • Only keep relevant data – and only keep it for an appropriate amount of time
  • Store data safely and securely – password protect documents, and don’t share them around
  • Inform members about what data they have in relation to them, and what this is used for
  • Gain fully informed consent from people to collect and handle their data
  • Tell people who they share data with

The Sport & Recreation Alliance has been commissioned to support sport organisations be GDPR complaint. You can find plenty of GDPR resources and templates, on the Sport & Recreation Alliance website. It is free to register to access and download these resources. There are resources available for sports clubs, as well as regional organisations such as Local Area Associations.

Check out the Sport & Recreation Alliance’s GDPR Toolkit for sports organisations here.

If you are working with juniors, under the age of 18, you will need to ensure that you gain consent from their legal parent or guardian to collect and store their data.The Sport & Recreation Alliance has templates to support with this, including Privacy Notices that are worded appropriately for children and young people.

It’s good practice to make sure your korfball club has a Data Protection Policy, and a Privacy Statement, so members know how and why you collect their data, and what this is used for.

If you have any questions about GDPR, or wish to understand more about how England Korfball is GDPR compliant, please contact Hannah Winsbury, National Development Officer, via email.