18 January 2023

Declan Kohl


Performance Programme Update

This is a further update to the performance programme, following the one issued last week. Jonathan Roberts has been instrumental in devising, and the early implementation of, the new strategy of the Performance Programme. This has involved the launch of the England Korfball Academy, and the delivery of its first session on Saturday 10 December 2022 at the University of Birmingham, under the leadership of Academy Lead Coach, Stephanie Watson. Unfortunately, Jonathan Roberts has now decided to step down from the role of Performance Programme Lead due to personal issues.

Moving forward, the previous Operations and Logistics Lead, Clive Dobbin, has agreed to step up into the role of Performance Lead, and will carry forward the work of Jonathan Roberts, and the further implementation of the strategy. This currently involves the launch of the Elite Training Squad (or ETS) from which the squad who will compete at the World Championships in October 2023 will be selected, and planning for the U19 World Championships which will be taking place in April 2023 and the U17 World Championships which will be taking place in July 2023.

Ellen Pearce, Chair of England Korfball, said:
We would like to extend our thanks to Jonathan Roberts for all that he has done for the Performance Programme and the incredible amount of work and effort he put into the creation of the new strategy. The Board are committed to the strategy and look forward to seeing it implemented under the leadership of Clive Dobbin and with the coaching and management teams.

Any queries concerning the above, or the new strategy, should be referred to Clive Dobbin, Performance Programme Lead.