7 December 2014

Dean Woods


England Squad for Korfball Challenge

England have selected 14 players for the u23 squad and 12 players for the u18 squad who will compete in the u16 tournament at the prestigious Korfbal Challenge tournament in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in December.

England u23
Females: Claire DIQUE, Caitlin FITZGERALD, Joanne WILSON (Bec), Rebecca FITCH (Cardiff University), Malory GORE (Kingfisher), Alex DERHAM, Ashley WARNER (Tornadoes)

Males: Blake PALFREYMAN (Bec), Kieran HICKS (Kingfisher), Adam CAMIES (KV), Olly BELL (Nomads), Alex BELL (Southampton Spartans), Owen BAILEY, Dan BROWN (Tornadoes).

Coach: Dave Buckland, Assistant Coach: Joe Sterling, Manager: Nicole Sparks.

Five countries have accepted the KNKV’s invite to participate at the u23 Korfball Challenge; Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, England, Germany and The Netherlands.


27 Dec – 11:45 vs The Netherlands

28 Dec – 17:15 vs Germany

29 Dec – 09:45 vs Czech Republic

29 Dec – 12:25 vs Chinese Taipei

30 Dec – 11:45 Bronze medal ¾

30 Dec – 13:15 Final

England u18

Males: Tom LAKE, Marcus TIGHE (Bec), Liam GEDDES (Kingfisher), Lawrence Wicks (Norfolk Dragons), James GOULDSON, Joshua SPARKS (Tornadoes).
Females: Rebecca STONE (Bearsted), Carensa KNIGHTS (Nomads), Emily COCKER (Norwich Knights), Lucy BUCK, Laura MORRIS, Elise SPARKS (Tornadoes).
Coach: Corinne Buckland, Manager: Nicole Sparks

The Korfball Challenge is a show piece high level event held at TopSportCentrum, Rotterdam – It’s now a firm fixture on the korfball calendar.

In the senior competition clubs from the Dutch Korfbal League; TOP/Quoratio, PKC/SWKGroep and Fortuna/My Collections 1 will compete alongside the national teams from Belgium and Chinese Taipei. The senior competition will also include an all-star team, the ‘KNKV Tulips’ who will be coached by The Netherlands head coach Wim Scholtmeijer.