5 April 2024

Declan Kohl


England Korfball is delighted to announce that the nomination process for the 2024 Awards is now open

We have a number of awards that we present annually to recognise the hard work and dedication that goes into supporting our brilliant sport. Volunteers are essential in sport – korfball is no exception. Hundreds of volunteers keep the game running within national and international committees, clubs and local area associations.

Tell us if you know a club or individual deserving of any of the following awards:

  • Jan Hanekroot Award (Lifetime Achievement Award)
  • Marion Atkinson Award of Honour
  • Graham Crafter Award of Distinction
  • University Student of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Club of the Year
  • Certificate of Merit
  • Frank Sieber Youth Korfball Award

England Korfball members (belonging to an affiliated club or Local Area Association), Subcommittee Committee and Board Members are eligible to nominate individuals for these Awards. The University Student of the Year Award is additionally open to nominations from members of British university clubs. The nominations committee have the right to decide which award, if any, nominees receive.

Nominations will close at 23:59 on 21st April 2024.

To nominate someone for an award, simply complete this short form by Sunday, 21 April 2024 at 11:59pm

The awards, including the Terry Sage Fair Play award, will be presented to the winners at the Korfball Finals at the UEA.

To help you plan your nomination please see the below Guide to Completion which provides more details on the award descriptions, criteria and what the nominations committee will be looking for.

Guide To Completion

Please demonstrate how the nominee meets the criteria for the award you are nominating them for, using as many specific details and examples as possible to help the nominations committee come to an informed decision. The nominations committee will use ONLY information included in the nomination and will not consider any prior knowledge of the nominee.

Things to consider:

  • If they have been involved in a specific project include dates, details, role and links to any PR/ Social media
  • Provide examples of successful areas of development that they have led
  • Would the club/ league/ area etc… run without them? Let us know all those tasks they do behind the scenes
  • We would love you to make your nomination stand out with a quick video telling us how fab this individual/club is
  • It would be great to have quotes and references of support for the nominee from other nominators
  • How long has the individual been involved in Korfball
  • Which clubs and area associations has the nominee supported

Jan Hanekroot Award (Lifetime Achievement Award):

Presented for outstanding service over many (usually 15+) years, making a major contribution to korfball in England during that time.

Marion Atkinson Award of Honour:

Given to a person or couple who has/have given outstanding service to korfball over a long period (usually 10+ years).

Graham Crafter Award of Distinction:

Given to someone who has given excellent service to Korfball in England over a few years (usually 5+) but a shorter period of time than would be necessary for one of the other awards.

Certificate of Merit

Given to someone who has given meritorious service to the sport (nationally, to an area,  or to a club) over a short period of time.

University Student of the Year:

This award recognises a student who has made a valuable commitment to their University Korfball club. Examples of this could be setting up a new club, increasing the number of people playing korfball at their university or increasing the club’s wider community engagement.

Essential criteria:

  • A current university student

Desirable criteria includes:

  • A student club committee member
  • Has made a strong impact on their university korfball club
  • Active within their local Area Association
  • Is a member of a BSKA affiliated university club
  • Has developed positive relationships with their university staff
  • Has positively impacted on the number of students playing korfball
  • Has created links with other university or community clubs
  • Has developed their own skills, knowledge and experience through training and learning from others
  • Has involved themselves in the coaching or refereeing side of university korfball
  • Is actively involved in supporting their club behind the scenes

Volunteer of the Year

Presented to a volunteer that has committed considerable time and effort to a  club, community, or event, encouraging korfball participation and development. This award can be used to recognise younger volunteers who may not be eligible for the three main awards due to age or years of involvement, or people who are newer to korfball.

Desirable criteria includes:

  • Is aged 25 or under
  • Has made a strong impact on their korfball club or area this year
  • Has shown commitment to their own personal development
  • Is an inspiration or role model to others
  • Has supported England Korfball events
  • Has demonstrated significant commitment of their personal time to positively impact their club or community

Club of the Year

Awarded to an open and inclusive club which has evidenced their commitment to growing the sport of korfball, upskilling their volunteers, and growing their membership.

Essential criteria:

  • Affiliated to England Korfball

Desirable criteria includes:

  • Demonstrated an innovative approach to development
  • Actively engaged with their local Area Association
  • Active in their local community
  • A focus on young people
  • Open and inclusive to all
  • Achieved sporting success this year
  • Evidenced commitment to upskilling their club coaches and volunteers
  • Demonstrated successful partnerships with local organisations
  • Increased membership and participation levels
  • A supportive player pathway
  • Good governance and processes

Frank Sieber Youth Korfball Award

This award recognises a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to Youth korfball at a national or local level in the last two years.

To nominate someone for an award, simply complete this short form by Sunday, 21 April 2024