18 November 2014

Dean Woods


University of Brighton: England Korfball Activator Program update

Earlier this year England Korfball announced the Activator Program with a pilot of the program to be delivered at the University of Brighton. The England Korfball Activator Program is designed to establish new university clubs and increase participation in the key 16-25 age group.

After just a few months Brighton University Korfball club now have 30 members with regularly 15-20 people at each of the two-hour sessions each week, with the split almost  50/50 female/male .

The new club entered the preliminary regional British Universities and College Sport tournament and finished in an impressive 2nd place.  Inspiring considering 70 percent of the squad that played  in the BUCS tournament had never played a competitive match before!

Speaking to England Korfball earlier this week, our first England Korfball Activator, Toby Clarke gave us a quick update on the progress they’ve made so far at  the University of Brighton

“University is an ideal environment to expand korfball, the activator program provides young people who are enthusiastic about the sport a clear pathway and structure to start a new club.

“The perks of having a club at university is that it allows a great integration of both competitive and social lives, it provides a platform to meet people across all levels of university, from freshers to masters students.

“From my experience it was simple to get a club together. Both England Korfball and Brighton University provided a great amount of support. England Korfball provided  the equipment (posts and balls) for the club. I would recommend that anyone thinking of starting a new club should just go for it, there is a strong program place and lots of support available.’

Brighton University Korfball Club  have now entered a mini-league in Southampton where the club plays once a week until early December against Southampton University and Southampton Spartans Korfball Club.  This allows the new club at Brighton University to play competitively until the club are mature enough to enter a league.

Anyone interested in the HE/FE program should contact the England Korfball office for more information. If you’re studying at the University of Brighton and would like to get involved and play  a mixed gender team sport why not get in contact with Toby Clarke?