15 April 2022

Dean Woods


Dutch Korfbal Finals 2022

Korfball fans around the world will be able to watch and enjoy Saturday’s ‘Korfbal League Final’ and ‘Youth Final’ live, with English commentary, on www.eyecons.com

Korfball fans are encouraged to tune in before the matches for all the build up with commentary, insights and analysis in English.

As usual, a live stream in Dutch will be available on www.eyecons.com and also on Dutch national TV public broadcaster NOS.

You can register for free on www.eyecons.com to enjoy the live streams of these Dutch finals! More information about eyecons and the live streams are available here.  

Saturday 16 April 2022

>>>> Link to the English live stream broadcast.


Start stream: 12.30 BST
Start: 13:00 BST


Start: 15.00 BST

Source: International Korfball Federation

England Korfball Finals 2022

The England Korfball Finals are back! Do not miss out on the first chance in three years to experience a full on korfball atmosphere. The best teams in the country vie for the promotion and to be crowned national champions. We are back, but there is limited space! Do not miss out on the opportunity to see the crescendo of the 2021/22 season. BUY TICKETS >>>

Tickets are now on sale for the 2022 Finals