2 February 2015

Dean Woods


Dual Registration

With the increasing popularity of student korfball we’ve reviewed and updated our rules surrounding player registrations.

Under the old rules no player was allowed to play for more than one club. We’ve reviewed this policy and have introduced a new concept of dual registration.

The new dual registration rule means that a player who is going away to University (i.e. in a different area to their ‘Home Club’) can be registered to the University Club and participate fully in korfball activities (both in local leagues and student korfball) and also retain a registration record with their ‘Home Club’, enabling them to participate in England Korfball competitions for their Home Club during visits home/vacations without the need to complete the transfer procedures each time.

The new rules still means that a player cannot play for two clubs that participate in the same competition.

For further details about dual registration or if players within your club may be affected by this change, please contact us and a member of the competitions sub-committee will talk through how this will impact you.

The dual registration has to be approved by the British Student Korfball Association and the England Korfball Registration Administrator.