9 January 2014

Dean Woods


Disciplinary Update – Trojans’ Coach Ban Extended

An England Korfball Appeal Board has reviewed the original decision of the Disciplinary Commission. The appeal was made under article 15.4b of the Appeal Regulations.


The appeal was upheld by the Appeal Board.


The Appeal Board has decided that Mr Brooks’ ban should be increased by a further 6 months in addition to the 4 months of the original suspension imposed by the Disciplinary Commission.


The suspension period will end on 07 July 2014.


The punishment only applies to England Korfball competitions and will not apply in International Korfball Federation (IKF) events. This is similar to other sports where a suspended person in a country is able to play in an international event, even if that event was in the same country. Therefore, Mr Brooks is eligible to take part as a coach, or in any other capacity, in the forthcoming IKF Europa Cup event.