Crewe and Nantwich CanKorf Keele University One
9 3
Staffordshire + Cheshire Korball League Staffordshire & Cheshire Korfball League 2017/18
Sunday, 11 March, 2018
12:00 | The Grove School
00 PenCrewe and NantwichLewis Roberts
00 PenCrewe and NantwichDan Tomkinson
00 PenKeele UniversityJohn Marston
00 sumCrewe and NantwichEleanor Hopkins
00 sumCrewe and NantwichEd Mccauley
00 sumCrewe and NantwichClaire Raisin
00 sumKeele UniversityRahul Dawda
00 sumKeele UniversityJerome Ng
-Lizzie Harling  
-Eleanor Hopkins  
-Ed Mccauley  
-Claire Raisin  
-Lewis Roberts  
-Andy Stubbs  
-Dan Tomkinson  
-Lana Baker  
-Rahul Dawda  
-Amy Dickinson  
-Katie Egginton  
-Lillie Grant  
-John Marston  
-Evelyn Morrison  
-Jerome Ng  
-Louis Thorogood  
RefereeBrittany Marsland
11/3/201812:00The Priory School11/11/2017 21:26
11/3/201812:00The Grove School11/11/2017 22:41