5 May 2017

Hannah Stockley


We delivered our first Coach CPD workshop in conjunction with the South West Area Association last month


17 people attended the workshop and 7 clubs in SWKA were represented.

The two hour ‘Scoring from every position’ workshop was tutored by Dave Buckland as part of SWKA training day. The feedback on the session was really positive;

“It was a hugely beneficial and enjoyable day. Dave gave everyone plenty of ideas on how to improve the quality and effectiveness of our own coaching and to better cater to the range of ability and experience of players at our club.

James Hardy coach at Exeter City.

“It was really good to see so many of our coaches taking part in the CPD. There were plenty of new ideas to take on board and Dave delivered the session well. The clubs across the South West will all benefit from this and I’m sure we’ll see some of these concepts appearing when our leagues start up again in the autumn. We are already looking forward to the next chance to organise another coaching CPD.”

Rob King SWKA Development Officer

If you would like further information on the ‘Scoring from every position’ workshop or our other workshops; attacking systems – advanced systems of play and attacking systems – the pairing set up, please get in touch via the office.