26 March 2024

The Korfball Team




Our U19 England squad would like to thank everyone who has helped them on their fundraising journey. We are all absolutely bowled over by the support we have had and the final amount generated.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


So 14 players are travelling to Barcelona this weekend. Collectively they have raised almost £11,000 – an average of over £770 each in funding support. This was made up as follows:


– Beth Alexander International Fund (British Korfball Foundation) supported every player with a huge £150 grant – a total of £2,100 – this is amazing – thank you.

– Bluereef Music Festival have sponsored the team and donated a £650 raffle prize along with £300 to the travel fund – thank you so so much. https://www.facebook.com/blue.reef.festival

– Our raffle generated £1,220 – equally split between all of our players – incredible – thanks to everyone who kindly donated prizes

– Personal grants were obtained to the total value of £2,000 (from schools, Parish Councils, Nomads Korfball Club, foundations and County Councils) – wow

– Our sponsored virtual walk to Barcelona attracted donations from so many family, friends and supporters totally £5,142. This worked out as an average of £467 per participating player – we are so incredibly grateful


Once again, we would like to thank absolutely everyone who has supported our journey so far. From raffle prize donations, to grants, to sponsorships. It really has made a massive difference to the affordablility of our trip to represent England in the European Championships.


The EKA will be publishing the Youtube links in the the coming days so if you can, please do tune in and watch our games.


We will be playing our hearts out!