21 January 2021

Hannah Stockley


At our latest Board meeting we discussed the timing of the Annual General Meeting this year.

The Board have agreed that the AGM will take place in the summer this year instead of in February/March as has been the case in recent few years. This is within our regulations and the summer was traditionally when the AGM was held.

One of the functions of the meeting is to agree the broad set of budget proposals (including fee levels) for the coming season and we would prefer to do this once we have a clearer idea about the situation in relation to Covid-19 and what will be possible in the 2021/22 season.

We would like to reassure members that:

  • during the last nine months we have been balancing the immediate NGB functional needs (Return to Play, safeguarding, volunteer recruitment) with the possibilities for furlough and other cost savings, in order to ensure that the organisation emerges from the pandemic in a sound financial position able to re-activate korfball
  • we appreciate that the membership fees for this season were agreed in September when we expected a return to training and competition by November. The Board would like to thank all clubs who joined EK as members this year
  • we know that under the previous Covid restrictions tier system (excluding the lock-down periods) some form of korfball has been possible in all areas and we know many clubs made great use of the opportunity with outdoor and/or junior sessions. However, we have not been able to return to even local competition as hoped at the EGM In September
  • we anticipate a round of consultation with current member (and non-member) clubs about proposals for fees for next year which we expect will take into account payments from the clubs that paid their membership fees this year

We appreciate that these are difficult times for everyone and that our individual and club experiences also differ.

Please feel free to provide any thoughts at this stage directly to office@englandkorfball.co.uk.