University of Manchester 1 Manchester Warriors 3
8 13
Side B
North West Korfball League North West League 1 2019/20
Sunday, 17 November, 2019
12:15 | Armitage Centre
00 Manchester WarriorsMatthew Laxton
00 Manchester WarriorsKevin Moss
00 Manchester WarriorsMichelle Clements
00 Manchester WarriorsAndy Clements
00 Manchester WarriorsJohn Evans
00 Manchester WarriorsEdward Holt
00 Manchester WarriorsHannah Wilson
00 Manchester WarriorsVictoria Fahie
00 fpManchester WarriorsHannah Wilson
00 PenManchester WarriorsJohn Evans
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterFok Mun Heng
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterJamie Ratcliffe
00 sumManchester WarriorsSteph Bryant
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterSam Wood
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterJJ Crowther
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterKaya Brown
00 sumManchester WarriorsSophie Seddon
-Grace Bennett  
-Kaya Brown  
-Stella Butler  
-JJ Crowther  
-Ruth Knight  
-Alicia Mulholland  
-Fok Mun Heng  
-Jamie Ratcliffe  
-Tom Stroud  
-Joshua Wilkinson  
-Sam Wood  
-Steph Bryant  
-Andy Clements  
-Michelle Clements  
-John Evans  
-Victoria Fahie  
-Edward Holt  
-Matthew Laxton  
-Kevin Moss  
-Sophie Seddon  
-Hannah Wilson  


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17/11/201912:15Armitage Centre21/9/2019 12:23